How to Open a CoreSpreads Trading Account

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This article shares the account opening process of CFD trading platform Core Spreads. From opening an account to depositing funds, you can follow this article step-by-step. If you only want to create demo account, the registration is complete and you don’t need identity authentication.

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Core Spreads Introduction

This company is registered in the UK, Australia, South Africa.

  1. UK : regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA: 525164)
  2. Australia : regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and is qualified to trade financial derivatives, must have both an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL: 422661) and an Australian Company Code (ACN: 158065635).
  3. South Africa : regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSP: 49846).

Core Spreads Six Features

  1. Financial security:Client funds are deposited at Westpac Bank or Barclays Bank, and are guaranteed not to be used for other business activities.
  2. Negative Balance Protection Policy:Core Spreads guarantee that your account will not fall into negative figures.
  3. The order interface is easy to understand and easy to operate.
  4. Minimum deposit amount $1USD
  5. The minimum order unit is 0.5, which means that the
    margin is only half, and you can practice with less funds.
  6. CoreSpreads APP,click here to download IOSAndroid

How to register Core Spreads


The image files of your ID Card (both front and back sides) and Passport will be used for registration (not for demo account).

Register the account with desktop would be more convenient.

Step 1. Open the registration link.

Step 2. Fill in the basic information

  1. The name needs to be written in English, like the passport.
  2. The address must be entered in English.
  3. Please enter 6 ~ 15 words for the password, you need to include English and numbers.

Step 3. Fill in the financial detail

Please fill in the details based on your actual status.

Please checked three checkboxes

How to Create CoreSpreads Demo Account?

Complete the above three steps to use the demo account, click on the image below to add a demo account, select the currency, press OK to complete. 

To open a real trading account, you need to continue with the following steps for authentication.

Step 4. Verify CoreSpreads Account

When you complete the Step 3. , you will receive a letter from the official EMail (check spam).

Title : Further ID verification required to progress account application

Reply directly to this letter without typing any words, attach the ID Card (both front and back sides) and the photo of the Passport.

After all the documents are uploaded, it will not be opened account immediately. Usually, it will take 1~3 days for manual review.

How to deposit in CoreSpreads

After completing the identity verification, you will see one more account. Click on Deposit. You can choose a credit card or bank transfer. Enter the deposit amount and press OK to enter the credit card payment process. You will immediately see how much the account has.

Click on the Launch button to enter the trading interface and see all markets and real-time quotes

Please try it, if you are interested


Dow JonesWall Street 30
S&P500US 500
NASDAQ)US Tech 100
DAXGermany 30
Hang SengHong Kong 50
NikkeiJapan 225
New York Light Crude OilUS Crude Oil
Brent Crude OilBrent Crude


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